The Landscapes of the Ancient Appia Project: Formation and Degeneration Processes in Landscapes Stratification of the Benevento Area.

Alessandro Terribile, Cristiano Benedetto De Vita


In this work we intend to illustrate methods and tools used for evaluating and defining some of the post-depositional processes of the archaeological record in the Eastern Beneventan landscapes. Our research aims especially to recognise the traces of the “longue durée” phenomena, highlighting what may be considered a result of the past still observable in the present. Which are the tools that allow us to identify landscapes marks, anthropogenic and environmental processes responsible of the survival or, conversely, of the obliteration of the ancient forms? A first approach attempts to create a dialogic relationship with the historical cartographic documents (such as ancient cadastres, notarial instruments, boundary disputes) and sheds light on the dynamics of the perceptible transformations of landscapes, bringing back an overall view of their contextual distinctive traits. This ensures the identification of “ecofacts” and “artefacts” that contributes to the structuration of the landscapes that have occurred over time as stratified units. A second procedure involves the reading of the historical information combined with the environmental one, through an archaeomorphological approach. The study has provided an overlap among the ancient and modern rural fabrics (for example roads, canals, talwegs, agrarian boundaries) and the geomorphological dynamics, with the aim of discerning the forms of degradation and to define, when possible, a relative chronology. Such an approach evaluates the distribution of surface artefacts and their spatial and temporal characteristics, enabling recording of the higher or lower level of degradation in the archaeological record, emphasising those landscapes units considered of high information potential.


Benevento, Ancient Appia Landscapes, Historical Cartography, Archaeomorphology, Post-Depositional Processes.

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