Más allá de la herencia medieval. Una nueva arqueomorfología para el paisaje histórico de Valencia.

Maria Jesús Ortega, Hèctor A. Orengo, Josep M. Palet


The historic territory of Valencia is being analysed in the frame of a new research project, Valentia Landscape Project, aiming to characterise the dynamics of the Valencian Cultural Landscape from the Iron Age (seventh - sixth century BC) to the Modern period. An important part of the project is focused on Antiquity and one of its major goals is reviewing through a new archaeomorphological analysis, the ancient road network, in order to study historical field systems and to analyse the centuriation hypothesis proposed up to now. The archaeomorphological analysis has allowed us to propose new hypothesis about the origin and dynamics of the Valencian Cultural Landscape. In this sense, the study has attested the presence, in the present landscape, of many axes whose origin is related to the Roman centuriated road system. Multidisciplinarity and a long-term approach have brought a high level of precision to this work’s results.


Cultural landscape, Valencia, Archaeomorphology, Road Network, GIS

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.5463/lac.2014.16


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