Indagini multidisciplinari ad Aquinum: la valorizzazione delle conoscenze

Giuseppe Ceraudo


The urban area of Aquinum, a Roman city situated along via Latina between Frosinone (Frusino) and Cassino (Casinum), was investigated by aero-topographical studies, geophysical prospecting and archaeological field survey. All research activity was done by the Laboratory of Ancient Topography and Photogrammentry of the University of Salento. The executed explorative interventions have considered the results of the data processed as well as all documents related to the systematic surveys realised in the framework of the Ager Aquinas project. The substance of the archaeological deposits, the wealth of ancient materials and the remains highlighted constitute indicators of positive conditions for the planning of archaeological research oriented to confirming all that was individuated by the field surveys, aerial photographs and geophysical prospecting. These studies have allowed the reconstruction of the urban layout of Aquinum. Planning for the archaeological interventions was based not only on the results but also on the processing of data regarding field survey and on the compelling need for the preservation of the area.
Starting with the collected data, six archaeological excavation campaigns have been carried out between 2009 and 2014 in Aquinum. The research, after confirming the aerotopographical and geophysical results, focused on an area of the town that, until that time, had provided nothing useful for the recognition of monuments and urban spaces. Great results have been obtained thanks to the archaeological excavation campaigns led at the heart of the ancient Roman town. Knowledge of a central part of the built-up area has improved including where there are public buildings already known (theatre, an apsis-building) and unknown (public thermal baths). This is the keystone for better protection of the archaeological site and to future preservation for the area.


Aquinum, Aero-Topographical Studies, Geophysical Prospecting and Archaeological Field Survey, Public Thermal Baths

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