Studi geofisici per la topografia antica e l’archeologia del paesaggio: l’area archeologica di Flumeri (AV)

Elisa Di Giovanni, Ida Gennarelli, Paolo Mauriello, Natascia Pizzano


Historic landscape and cultural heritage are often integrated into a system of protection and valorisation through the global approach of archaeology and landscape archaeology. This system is conceived as a territorial study collecting all the evidence of human presence and its history, allowing the assessment of the historical and archaeological component through evolutionary dynamics. Therefore the study of landscape archaeology is central to the design and programming of territorial works. The “landscape system”, the result of the coexistence of environmental and human dynamics, has meant that territorial transformation processes have become the object of scientific interest assuming considerable political importance. In this paper, we present the preliminary results of a geophysical prospections for a map of the archaeological potential of the territory of Flumeri in Avellino, Italy. This diagnostic contribution was designed to give a distinctive and better representation of the territory. The scientific approach chosen for this project is the result of a multidisciplinary convergence: bibliographical and archival research, analysis of topographic and photogrammetric surveys, systematic investigations of the territory and geophysical survey. These diverse non-invasive geophysical methods allowed us to define and detail the archaeological potential of the studied area in a better way; by defining micro-areas of geophysical survey starting with defining macro-areas of high archaeological potential. This approach has a double value: the geophysical surveys serve as a support for the archaeological knowledge of the area and the archaeological knowledge helps towards the identification of areas for geophysical survey.


Fioccaglia, Irpinia, Geophysical Surveys, Ancient Topography, Landscape Archaeology

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