Archaeological Landscapes of Southern Apulia: Integration and Interpretation of Gis-Based Data in a Multi-Methodological Research

Alfio Merico, Mariangela Sammarco


The Laboratory of Ancient Topography and Photogrammetry (LabTAF) at the University of Salento has long been engaged in the study of the ancient landscape, essentially through intensive field survey, the analysis of vertical and oblique multi-temporal aerial photographs and the development of a GIS system devoted to archaeological documentation. This integrated system of knowledge supports two main goals: sophisticated elaboration of complex datasets and practical possibilities for preservation of the archaeological heritage by providing efficient tools to the management of the territory and its cultural components. This contribution presents an analytic study of a sample area, chosen for its geomorphological characteristics and for its cultural complexity. This territory lies in the southern part of the Apulia Region, located between Lecce, the ancient Roman Lupiae, and its seaport at San Cataldo, along the Adriatic coast, covering about 85 km2 circa. Analysis of data from the field archaeological surveys, analysis of aerial photographs, archaeological aerial-survey and excavations revealed that the full functionality of the ancient harbour required the inland presence of a productive and receptive territory, with the distribution of rural settlements closely connected with the coast and the road system. The research presents an excellent opportunity for testing the potential of GIS systems in combination with conventional methodologies for landscape analysis, archaeological excavations and the application of new technologies.


Lecce, San Cataldo, GIS Data Management, Roman Harbour, Aerial Archaeology.

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