L’intervisibilità. Analisi del paesaggio nella chora della colonia greca di Himera

Maria Assunta Papa


This study focuses on the analysis of the landscape in the territory of the colony of Himera. In particular, this work is inspired by a detailed examination conducted on the basis of parametric modelling, which has helped us to understand what factors (pedology, altimetry, geology, supply basins, etc.) had an effect in the settlement choices of the Imerese territory during the Colonial Age. We analysed the role intervisibility had between sites in the organisation of the landscape. By avoiding a deterministic logic, we intersected the data from previous surveys on the development of predictive models with the archaeological data, formulating hypotheses on the role that the main settlements in the area had on the control and economic management of the territory.


Chora, Settlement parameters, Landscape, intervisibility, GIS

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.5463/lac.2014.48


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