Sistemi di sfruttamento agricolo nell’ager Faliscus: I Prata di C. Egnatius (Corchiano – Vt)

Francesca Rizzo


In the Ager Faliscus, recent systematic surveys nearby the stream Fosso di Fustignano have revealed a complex system of landscape management in Antiquity, recorded by the inscription CIL XI 7505, speaking about grazing lands (prata) in the Republican Age. The system has been described by A. Pasqui and partially positioned by S. Quilici Gigli. Recent explorations have allowed the location once again of the inscription nearby via Amerina and the discovery of a series of archaeological elements allowing the reconstruction of a complex system of organisation of the agricultural landscape strictly linked to the main viability. A well-turned structure of irrigation and drainage of the acreages proximal to the stream composed the work of C. Egnatius recorded in the epigraphy. Two different engineering solutions have been used, founded on the payload of the stream. Where the flow rate was minor, narrow rocky drains were realised to limit the range of the bed, to increase the level of the river and to permit the irrigation of the surrounding lands by a series of locks. The inscription of C. Egnatius is located just in front of one of these channels. Downstream, the irrigation system became more complex, using powerful dams.
Outside one of these channels another inscription (Pr(ivatus?) Elix / Hic [-] VX [---]) may be concerned with the end of the water system and, at the same time, advises on the beginning of the area designated as private property. This interpretation corroborates the theory (already supported by aerophotointerpretation) of the presence of rural divisions in this area. The regular grid has an eight actus modulus and via Amerina constitutes the kardo. Then the work of C. Egnatius is simultaneous and inside the rural reorganisation of the Faliscan landscape in the aftermath of the Roman occupation.


Ager Faliscus, Corpus Agrimensorium Romanorum, Land Surveying, Rural Landscape, Water Management

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