Introduction: Seeing Heritage through the Lens of Landscape – New Approaches in Landscape Archaeology Based on the Fusion of Heritage and Landscape

Graham Fairclough, Bas Pedroli, Niels Dabaut


This paper explains the genesis of the Seeing heritage through the lenses of landscape session organised at the LAC 2014 conference by the CHeriScape network. It introduces seven papers presented at the conferences (and summarises three others), contextualising them in the symbiotic relationship between landscape and heritage within modern European society, and draws from them, under the general themes used in the CHeriScape network, a series of common threads and conclusions that contribute to CHeriScape’s agenda. The discourse is located within the frame of three recent European policy documents, the European Landscape Convention, the Faro Convention on the Value of Cultural Heritage for Society and the ESF/COST Science Policy Briefing on landscape. The conclusions form part of the process of increasing the social relevance of landscape archaeology and its potential contribution to the grand challenges commonly identified in current policy-making debates.


CHeriScape, Landscape and Heritage, European Landscape Convention, Faro Convention, Landscape SPB

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